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Winter In Bend

Quarterly Market update and activities and adventures around Bend -

With a much more quiet market than the last year and a half due in part to the increase of interest rates, buyers have slowed to evaluate the economy and local market, watching to see what will be happening instead of rushing to be a winning bid. This all speaks to a more blanked market where buyers have more rights on a more equal playing field. Inventory is still low, but up from last year! So finding the right home is still difficult, but will significantly less competition and stress. Myself and my colleagues are not anticipating a drastic crash, just this more moderate correction to a balanced and healthy market. I believe the best time to buy is when a buyer makes the hard-earned goals and is ready to move forward, and finds the property that makes sense to them. If you are considering selling your property give us a call to go over the current market and strategies to find the perfect buyer. If you are looking to own your home in Central Oregon, let's go look at some properties! You will love it here.

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