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Springy Bend

New-to-Bend advisory. We started spring with some very mild temperatures, in the 60s! One day in the mid 70s! True to Bend Spring, this week we see snow and highs of 35 and 40. Also, you should prepare for some hailstorms soon. One of the best times of year to roll your eyes at the weather - is right now. Entertaining on so many levels the highs, lows, flowers trying to bloom only to be frozen, or trampled by huge hail stones. Snow. Park your cars in the garage if possible during mid to late spring. From experience. And get out there and check out all of the blossoms, the warmer air that makes us all smile and laugh and get back on the trails. Also pack the allergy remedies... (this week the we got an unprecedented 13 inches of fresh powder in the last 24 hours up at Bachelor with daytime highs at 19 degrees, perfect winter powder days! In mid-April!) Spring in Bend can be anything. So if you want more snow, wear flip-flops, plant the flowers and wash your car. If you are ready for Spring, wax your snow gear and pack your coats for some snow play. I have walked through a grocery parking lot after a hail dump, in flip flops through about 2 inches of slush. Have all the options in your car bin :) And if you are looking for a house, inventory is on the way back up!


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