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Snowmobiling Lesson and Info

I have lived in Central Oregon for many years, and one activity that I had never tried was snowmobiling. Lucky for me a colleague and friend at my company Bend Premier Real Estate is proficient in the sport, and well versed on back country and avalanche safety. I met Bobby up at Dutchman Flat for a good Snomo lesson. He introduced me to the machine which was intimidating. I have been looking for a few replacement activities and physical adventures to replace a few things I have not been able to do this year. As an exhilarating adventure, snowmobiling seemed perfect. Bobby took me out to Dutchman flats and showed me how to turn, get comfortable with a little speed and control the beast, but beast it was, these machines are fierce. After my lesson and a small degree of success Bobby and I went up to the boundary at a clearing near moon mountain for some optimal views of the mountains that surrounded us. It was a foggy morning and the sun was not all the way up yet to burn it off, but the little clearing that there was, was definitely stunning. It was there that we discussed the current market and the interest rates, clients and the business of real estate. Our conversation then turned to safety - recent stories of needless loss of life due to improper education of the elements. The trip was absolutely perfect. And, instead of a machine to ride on, you really need to use your full body and weight to help drive and turn the things, a lot more interactive than I would have guessed. My body was significantly sore the next day, but I look forward to next time! So, in the mean time, avalanche class for me. Central Oregon Avalanche Center offers Avy 1 and 2 courses for avalanche and snow safety. I quickly learned that it is not enough to have the proper safety equipment with you, but when you have just minutes, you need to know how to use those minutes properly to save not only your own life, but possibly the life of your party members, who are likely close friends. Link below provided for your info. Don’t go out without knowing. And in the mean time, enjoy our adventure lands responsibly! It is outrageous out here.


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