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Fall in (love with) Bend

The Central Oregon real estate market is experiencing a continued pause, or a bit of a slowdown if you will. Which, in its current state looks a lot like a balanced market. There is worry and talk in the air about our economy, inflation, rates, and possible downturns, but we are experiencing a really normal market right now, if not a still-elevated market compared with the pre-pandemic Central Oregon housing market. Prices are still increasing over time, just not quite as drastically as in 2021 and early 2022. And the balance between buyers and sellers is a good thing. Fair negotiations and value in purchased properties is a great things. Sellers are still selling, it is just taking a little bit longer, as we saw in September that the number of days on the market jumped up to 20. But 20 days on market is still low. Call me to go over market data and get your home sold with outstanding marketing. Or, to find the home of your dreams in the neighborhood of adventures, and let’s get to it!


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