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Bend Local Causes

I love living in Bend. And I often tell the story about how I thought it would be a great idea to live in a different city once my daughter graduated from high school, but I have come to realize I cannot find all of the activities, festivals and fun close by. And I love the way my Bend is growing up.

Being a part of this wonderful community also brings the awareness of Bend's challenges. Every city has them, and every city has solutions. We have a special history and also community challenges as we grow. I love finding those who want to discuss and action up on possible solutions. Let's do this. We have amazing non-profits that work hard at bridging some of our challenges. Here are a few of my very favorites.

  • Partners in Care

  • KOR Community Land Trust

  • Family Kitchen

  • Casa of Central Oregon

  • SMART Reading Program

  • The Giving Plate

  • Shepherd's House

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon

  • Neighbor Impact

If you have some time, give it some thought. And a little action in building the community with heart.


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